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The ideal narrow gauge scale


Andrew Wilson's 5.5mm scale Festiniog based layout.

  • aw01

    Scratch built ex-Welsh Highland Rly 0-6-4T Moel Tryfan heads a train of bug-boxes and a curly roof van up Gwyndy Bank. Apart from the four-wheeler immediately behind Moel Tryfan which is a GEM kit, all the stock is scratch built.

  • aw02

    On the same section of the layout, the ex-Harrogate Gas Works 0-6-0T Peckett heads up a passenger train. The Peckett is scratch built using a mixture of brass sheet and Plastikard for the body with the saddle tank coming from an Airfix J94 kit. The chassis uses Alan Gibson wheels, a Mashima motor and Branchlines flywheel.

  • aw03

    Mountaineer, the Festiniog Rly's Alco 2-6-2T is in charge of a down train. Again scratch built, the model's specification follows that of the Harrogate Peckett, with the exception of the pannier tanks which are made from brass sheet. The Morris Marina in the foreground is from the Corgi range and, although 1:43 scale, does not look out of place against Mountaineer which is quite a large locomotive in 1:55 scale.

  • aw04

    A modified GEM Dolgoch is at the head of a typically mixed rake of Talyllyn Railway coaches. The Corris Coach No. 17 is from a MSM kit, the TR 'Stanton' bogie coach is scratch built, whilst the Glyn Valley four-wheeler comes from Worsley Works and finally the TR brake van is another MSM kit.

  • aw05

    A freelance 0-6-0D locomotive kit-bashed from an Airfix Drewry shunter on a Tillig TT chassis hauls a scratchbuilt TR 'Stanton' coach. The road vehicles, a BR A35 van and Corgi Allegro, are 1:43 scale models but are an acceptable compromise in 1:55 scale.

  • aw06

    The Welsh Highland Railway Funkey diesel 'Castell Caernarfon'. The 5.5mm scale model was built by Andrew Wilson using Worsley Works etchings. The loco is not quite complete requiring transfers and glass in the cab.

  • aw07

    The Festiniog Railway rebuilt Funkey diesel 'Vale of Ffestiniog', alias 'The Blue Brick'. The 5.5mm scale model was built by Andrew Wilson using Worsley Works etchings. Cab glazing still to be added at the time of the photograph.

  • aw08

    Here's one I made earlier.' Andrew Wilson built Prince in 1964. The chassis is scratch built but the paintwork is original.

  • aw09

    A freelance diesel locomotive kit-bashed from a Knightwing 'Sentinel' kit.

  • aw10

    The Knightwing 'Sentinel' conversion with train.

  • aw11

    Another Knightwing 'Sentinel' conversion with a train of Festiniog stock.

  • aw12

    A mixed train headed by a loco converted from the Knightwing industrial shunter kit.

  • aw13

    A pair of railcars converted from the Airfix/Dapol railbus kit.

  • aw14

    A permament way train, the loco is again an Airfix/Dapol railbus conversion.

  • aw15

    The same railbus conversion, this time with a snow plough attached.

  • aw16

    Four 'England' locomotives.

  • aw17

    An 0-8-0 locomotive converted from a Kitmaster 'Italian Tank' kit running on a BTTB chassis.

  • aw18

    Another 'Italian Tank' conversion, this time named 'Snowdon Ranger'.

  • aw19

    Dave Etheridge's L&B 'Lyn'.

  • aw20

    Dave Etheridge's L&B 'Lyn'.

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