5.5mm Association

The ideal narrow gauge scale


George Williamson's layouts and models.

Fathew Valley, Tywyn Wharf and Bryn Einion layouts and models.

  • gw01

    George's 'Fathew Valley' layout.

  • gw02

    Dolgoch and train on 'Fathew Valley'.

  • gw03

    An overall view of George's 'Tywyn Wharf' layout.

  • gw04

    A view from the wharf.

  • gw05

    A Corris train by the water tower.

  • gw06

    Looking towards the wharf.

  • gw07

    The Corris train from the coal store.

  • gw08

    'Alf' at Tywyn Wharf.

  • gw09

    The toilet block at Tywyn Wharf.

  • gw10

    The lever frame at Tywyn Wharf.

  • gw11

    George's 'Bryn Einion' layout.

  • gw12

    'Bryn Einion' control panel.

  • gw13

    A view along the platform at 'Bryn Einion'.

  • gw14

    'Bryn Einion' at night.

  • gw15

    Trackwork at 'Bryn Einion'.

  • gw16

    Loco facilities at 'Bryn Einion'.

  • gw17

    'Tom Rolt', a 3D printed body on a chassis built by Dennis Harrison.

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